The farm operates in Taggia, an important part of the horticultural district of Sanremo on the Riviera dei Fiori, well known from antiquity to today for its mild spring climate for much of the year.

From the late 1800’s this part of Liguria became a favorite haunt for tourism of the English elite. Many aristocrats were explorers and botanists, attracted by the beautiful scenery and by a climate ideal for cultivation of exotic plants. They brought specimens and seeds of exotic plants with them, thus inaugurating the tradition of the of cacti and succulents nurseries on the Riviera dei Fiori.

Sensitivity to environmental issues is active alongside that of the social, through many years of collaboration with the San Remo Correctional Institute, helping prisoners through a labor rehabilitation program.


Produzione Cactus e Succulente

via Periane • 18018 Taggia IM • Italia


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